We have a home!  I am sure you’re all aware that this has been a difficult slog of rootlessness for me.  But, after a bit of deliberation, and a LOT of work, Rick and I decided to make his old bachelor pad into OUR home in Denver.  

I think it was hard for him to re-envision the home he’s owned for seven years and lived in with all of his friends as OUR place.  But, I am honestly thrilled he came around to this idea.  The house is huge, beautiful and historic, within walking distance of downtown Denver where I’ll be working, within walking distance of a grocery store and a park, there’s a dog friendly brewery down the road, we have other friends in the neighborhood, it has a fenced yard for Adelaide, and we can walk a couple minutes to the light rail.  In many ways this is our ideal place.  It has hardwood floors, exposed brick, a huge back patio, and a fireplace.  The chances of us finding all these things in a new house or a rental were slim – and with a little time and a lot of energy the house has begun to look like ours.  Rick’s mom helped us a LOT by painting almost the entire inside of the house, we just got new carpeting, and now that we have unpacked our furniture, and (finally) opened up our wedding presents the place is beginning to feel like home.

I am so beyond thrilled to be back in Denver, but also to be settling into a home with Rick that we know will be ours for some time.  As I sit writing this in our bedroom I’m awash in sunlight from the afternoon sun, which warms up the room and casts a pinkish light across the cherrywood floors and brick walls.  I am looking at the cherry tree outside our window and counting the days until it blooms in a delicate pink like it did when we were first dating in his city, four years ago.  I am so in love with life right now.  🙂

Off to a bachelorette party weekend in Breckenridge – another perk of living here!




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