About Antonía’s Gaze

Antonía’s Gaze takes it’s name from the Willa Cather novel, My Antonía, which uses the physical environment and the character’s sense of place as a lens through which to explore the themes of love, coming of age, and life.

Following in this tradition, Antonía’s Gaze serves as a means for me to explore creative writing about life and love, through the lens of my relationship with place and the environment around me.   In doing so I will draw from some other sources of inspiration who incorporate the same thematic presences into their work; Barry Lopez; Edith Wharton; Thoreau; Whitman.

To go outside in order to go in, to understand oneself relative to all that surrounds us in nature; to see love in the rising sun or beauty in the hard cold of a fall rainstorm.  Through the medium of this blog, I hope to channel the questions in my heart and mind into understanding, using as a tool my relationship with the natural world.


Kathryn Sachs hales from the great state of Wisconsin.  Growing up there, she learned to love the land around her by getting it under her fingernails—canoeing, hiking, and playing in the woods.  By the time she left to study geography and environmental studies at Macalester College, in St. Paul, MN she’d paddled much of the state’s northern waterways and ventured into the Boundary Waters, Quetico, and the lakes and rivers of Northern Canada including Hudson’s Bay.  After college she spent several months traveling the world, headed a small non-profit energy efficiency advocacy group in Madison, WI, and then earned a Masters Degree in Resource Law Studies from the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law.  She now lives in Brisbane, Australia.

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