Fireside living

I packed up my husband and new puppy into a U-haul truck yesterday, along with all of our worldly belongings.  They are now on their way to Denver, to become settled for the foreseeable future in Rick’s house as we prepare to sell it.  I am left at my parent’s, tying up some loose ends and house-sitting/dog-sitting.  It’s been a long time since I had this kind of freedom, and I like it,

It’s amazing that dog-sitting in my parent’s house feels like freedom and autonomy.  I guess that just goes to show how hectic life has been over the last few months.  And though I miss my budding little family (MAN do I miss my puppy – and Rick too!),  I’m sitting at home alone in front of a giant old brick fireplace, tucked under a wool blanket, reading, catching up on emails, quilting (yes, I said quilting), and generally taking ME time.  This is bliss.  I’m cooking my own food, getting in runs and yoga, sleeping well, and relaxing.  I have consumed at least 6 cups of tea today.  I went shopping.  I listened to Van Morrison really loud and danced with my dog.  I took care of long-delayed things.  I slathered my face with coconut oil.  I took a looong shower.

Since getting a puppy and being on 24/7 puppy duty without Rick’s help for a few days, I’ve begun to grasp the all-encompassing nature of what it might be like to have children.  I recognize the difference, of course.  I do.  But, if a small dog can whittle away so much of my personal time, how can one function and make space for their mental health while raising children? Yikes.

So, there you have it.  I am entirely relishing being home right now, sitting on a couch with a book, tea, and a snuggly dog.  I have my suspicions that life might not give me all that many more opportunities to do this going forward.  I’m soaking in every last second.


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