Adventures of other kinds

Yesterday, Rick and I took the opportunity to see as much of Medellin as we could via public transport.  We took two trains, and two gondolas, which took us to the edge of town, and then up into the mountains to the Parque Arvi.  It’s a 17 square kilometer park  in which we spent a few hours hiking before making our way back down into the city.

It was the first healthy dose of fresh air we’ve had in the time we’ve spent in Colombia, and we loved getting up into the cooler temperatures or the piney forests above the city.

On our way back into the city we rode the gondola with a sweet Colombian family.  They had a nine month old baby girl, Maria Luna, with them.  I loved her.  I caught myself staring at her little baby feet and wanting to softly pinch her little toes.  I felt it immediately – the yearning to have one of my own.  Or five. I know Rick felt something like it too, as she stared in awe of his pellirojo hair and crystal blue eyes – she clearly hadn’t seen many people who looked like him before!  He lowered his sunglasses and peered at her, and then slid them back up his nose and hid.  She was enamored of him – which I get completely. 🙂


I have intermittently been hit by baby yearning pangs – I vividly remember the first time, because I was 19 and I thought I was crazy.  I saw a little girl being carried by her mom in Fraser, Colorado.  The spring sun was shining, mud season was upon those of us who had worked at the resort, the tourists had left, we were all in transition, and the town was quiet.  I was driving down the road, enjoying the beautiful Grand Valley and caught the glint off the little blond head in the sunlight – suddenly I wanted to be in the mountains, raising a family too, regardless of the fact that I was 19 and single.

In my previous relationships, serious as they were, I was always squeamish about kids.  Mostly I was sure that I’d end up as the primary breadwinner and the most involved parent, and that scared me a lot.  Now, whether it’s maturity, a better distribution of labor in my relationship, or simply my age, some of the details of the implementation matter less to me than they once did.  Though I think I’ll always have an appetite for adventures, the adventure of having and raising a family is definitely closer on my horizon than ever before.

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