Almost home

We’re on the home stretch.  Literally.


After a day of staring out at the plains, we stay tonight just hours from home.  We didn’t expect much from today’s travel, but I found the day of monotonous driving across the flats of Eastern Colorado and Nebraska to be the perfect backdrop to inspire some reflection on the trip.  The pastel winter skies and brown rolling hills remind me, in some ways, of hardship.  The landscape appears so unwelcoming, but then the soft skies sort of beckon you to look a bit deeper.  I find that as I drive long stretches like today’s, my mind comes back to a sense of true gratitude for my life’s many gifts, particularly in light of the starkness surrounding me.

I’m heading home from three weeks traveling the country and seeing old friends.  I’ll see my family and Rick’s family over the holidays for the first time in two years. My skis are in our car waiting to be used over New Year’s.  I have some incredible opportunities awaiting me in 2014 for both travel and work.  I have a supportive, wonderful, and caring group of friends and family to support me.  I have a patient, intelligent, and compassionate partner and husband.  

Life, though it certainly is uncertain, feels so full.  This year has brought some incredible highs and lows to me and my family.  But, reflecting back on the year I feel so grateful for the people who shared the ride with me.  



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