I began this blog with a goal of writing about my experiences with love, nature, and life.  Well, I have some updates to share on each front.

First things first – drum roll please –  I am moving to Brisbane, Australia in September!!!!!!   It’s been a bit of a harrowing exercise in decision making for so, so, so many reasons (which I will share below) but I feel really good about this decision.

For those who need to get up to speed, a bit of history on this decision:

I moved to Colorado in 2008 to pursue two things; a master’s degree in Natural Resource Law and a boy who I had high hopes for and who I had been with on and off since the beginning of college.  The Master’s degree went swimmingly, however the boy did not.  I broke up with him after 7 years, only to have him turn around and begin dating a college student 2 weeks later.

Needless to say, I was heartbroken, angry, and confused.

But, as fate would have it, with the help of some great friends and my family I got back on my feet and before long I met a wonderful guy.  I accidentally invited him to a party at my house because my roommate included him in her guest list even though there were a few degrees of separation.  When he got the invite he had no idea who was throwing the party, but he decided to come because he saw most of his friends on the guest list. 

I guess that was a good decision, because all of our friends kept encouraging us to hang out.  Only much later did I learn that R had had his eye on me since we met in the fall before after I ran the Denver Half Marathon.  At the time I was still with my old boyfriend, but once R learned that I was single by asking his friends about me a few more times, he made his move to ask me out!

We hit it off from the beginning because we both love to socialize and be outdoors, but for a long time I wasn’t really ready to jump into anything serious – still suffering from some shell shock over my old boyfriend and our breakup.  But, as things progressed it just kept feeling right.

Before long we had met each other’s families and things kept moving forward smoothly.  When one day he mentioned to me that his company was looking for people in it’s Brisbane office, I told him he should apply and see what happened – that I would consider a move with him if they wanted him.

Well, they did.  And he got his offer a few weeks ago, reviewed it (it was good!!) and we talked about it and I agreed to go with him!  For me it’s a great adventure with someone I really care about.  I figure Denver is not going anywhere and I don’t love my job, so I gave my notice at work last week, and now we have a whole exciting summer planned before we leave for down under! 

It is so crazy and exciting!  Everyone keeps asking me if we’re getting married, which I find to be pretty funny – we’re not!  We are, however, doing some sweet things before the summer is through.  First we are biking from Missoula to Seattle from about August 1st to the 12th.  In Seattle we’ll see my best friend and explore.  We may also do some biking in the area and check out the sights.  It should be amazing.

Then we’ll either fly or bus back to Missoula, drive my car to the Twin Cities, and see some friends there before heading up to my parent’s house in Northern Wisconsin for a week or more at the end of August.  I hope to stay up there as long as possible.  It is one of my favorite places in the world and I haven’t been there in a few years now!  I will see my family, and then we may also go to Connecticut to see R’s family, and then we’ll start to get rolling as far as shipping our stuff and getting ourselves to Australia.

I hope to fit in a few weddings along the way and to see as many of my friends as I can before I go.  I am nervous and excited and giddy at the possibilities.

Last week I moved out of my house and in with a friend temporarily.  I spent the fourth of July building a walled off storage unit with R in the basement of his house so that we can permanently store stuff there while we’re gone and keep it protected from renters.  We are uniting our finances and making a lot of big steps which are intimidating as times, but feel right.

It’s shocking to me in some ways that I am really doing this.  But, in some ways it couldn’t feel more right.  One of my biggest fears has been upsetting people with my news – but so far the people most upset are my Grandpa and D.  And to be fair, perhaps they both have the most to lose in some ways.  For both of them the timing is not ideal and they fear they’ll lose me forever. And in some ways they might.  For D, much has been lost between us already, but his nostalgia mixed with hope for the future, amidst so many challenges, bars us from dealing constructively with our friendship currently and our impeding moves away from Colorado.  For my Grandpa, worrying is a pastime that will never get old for him and we worries that the distance is great, that he won’t see me, and that he is getting older.  But 2 years goes fast and Skype is a miracle of modern day technology.

Dealing with people’s concerns over my move has been trying for me.  I feel very responsible to be around my family and to support my friends. In many ways I feel sort of selfish leaving them and knowing that it will be hard to be in touch regularly over the great distance and time change.  But, I really think this is an opportunity worth taking.  I love R and everything about what we have together is worth preserving.  I love adventure and think Brisbane will provide opportunities for personal and professional growth for me and for him.  I hate the idea of letting something this special pass me by.  And so, I am going!

I can’t wait for my job to end, my summer of fun to begin, and my move to really get underway.  The possibilities are endless!


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