The Quiet World

Right now I am reading The Quiet World, by Douglas Brinkley.  It’s a psuedo-biography of Theodore Roosevelt, but more than anything else its a tome of knowledge and history behind the American preservationist movement.

I’m absolutely enthralled– and I’m not one for biographies.  I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised though.  Douglas Brinkley was granted the rights and privileges to write the biography of Hunter S. Thompson so one would hope he’s legit.   I mean, I can actually speak to his legitimacy having seen him speak at the Tattered Cover a few months ago.  He really inspired me to re-evaluate some things in my life (namely my job) and in many ways it was a turning point in motivating me to make some moves to get into the track I WANT to be on, rather than the track I happened to have fallen into by virtue of being a good interviewer while slightly hungover.

Anyway, I bought the Quiet World before hearing him speak because I was sure it would be a book that would interests R and its 500 pages would occupy him and his voracious reading habits for at least a little while.  He tore through it and it was back on my shelf before long, but it’s an intimidating book to pick up so I put it off for a little bit.  Now that I’ve found a little time I’m excited to have the pleasure of delving in and it’s remarkably researched and presented.  I’m really excited about it.

And, you all may need to get excited about it too, because I plan to be writing a lot more in the month of April and this book ain’t going away quickly.   I decided to make daily journaling a priority through this month- as well as eating better (as in gluten free, mostly).  The spring sort of gets me into a funk in some ways and I am hoping to preempt that.


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